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  • The Ultimate Xbox One GuideU

    The Ultimate Xbox One GuideU

    I have been working in the video game industry for some time now. I can advise you on what games to get what the new Xbox One and which ones are a waste of your time. I am given away 2 FREE user guides after you buy.

  • Six Figure Mentors

    Six Figure Mentors

    Digital marketing training coupled with high ticket commission earnings which are scaleable from $200-$8000 per sale depending on membership level. This is a serious business opportunity and applications are subject to an introductory conversation with one of SFM's senior business consultants.

  • Sweet Spot Vapor

    Sweet Spot Vapor

    Hand blended gourmet e liquid.Top of the line Electronic cigarette starter kits, vaping devices and accessories at Rock Bottom Prices.

  • CrowdTorch Affiliate Program

    CrowdTorch Affiliate Program

    Ticketing affiliate program offering commissions for every ticket sold. Standard affiliate rate is 30% of applicable service fees.

  • Testing4Success


    We provide our own brand of niche QA training courses to customers from all over the globe. Our training courses range from $395 to $1800 and we will pay 25% commission on every sale made. Our latest range of e-learning courses includes mobile app testing training and certification which targets the fastest growing sector of software development. There is a massive gap in the market for mobile app testers, and our courses help testers fill that gap.

  • Cunjabo Academy | Breakthrough Affiliate Software

    Cunjabo Academy | Breakthrough Affiliate Software

    The First Software For Affiliate Marketers In The World, That Truly Automates an Entire Online Business!

  • Lipogen Affiliate Program

    Lipogen Affiliate Program

    Lipogen PS Plus is a brain support supplement clinically proven to boost memory and improve mood. Lipogen optimizes PS levels in the brain and reduce risks of age related cognitive dysfunction & Dementia. Lipogen uses a safe planet source, soy, to produce PS and to create a potent, clean and fast absorbing formula which puts the

  • fastcardtech Affiliate Program

    fastcardtech Affiliate Program

    Super high commissions! You will get this order total 5%-10% CASH Commissions! We pay high to 5-10%* of the product price for ever sale Value-added plan (Per Month) a. If your commission is below 2000usd (Total bonus you get this month), the profit will be 5%. b. 2000-3500usd will be 6%. c. 3500-5000usd will be 8%. d. Over 5000usd will be 10%.

  • Mighty Max Cart

    Mighty Max Cart

    Join Mighty Max cart's affiliate program and make an easy 10% commission on every sale!

  • The Dog Shop - Where dog lovers shop!

    The Dog Shop - Where dog lovers shop!

    If you run a pet related website or blog you would be a great fit for our partner program at The Dog Shop. We give partners 10% of all sales from our online store.