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    5 Keys to Total Happiness and Wellbeing
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    Inbox Crusher
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    DJTees Classic Rock T-shirts
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    ICEU Affiliate Program
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    Strictly Dating Affiliates
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    TAPNET Online Backup 50% Recurring Commissions
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    Get nine of 2014's hottest Internet marketing tools in one convenient interface. Just 2 lines of code required for installation. Make 50% per sale - up to $110 per click!



    This campaign is focused on the promotion of photobooks, poster photo, goodies, photo printing (with a set of bannering and voucher code, that can be personalized with the name of your site).

  • AdGaem Affiliate Network

    AdGaem Affiliate Network

    AdGaem is a Premium Affiliate Network 100% focused on free-to-play Mobile and Desktop Games. It is a subsidiary of AdGaem Marketing & Web Solutions LLP. We generate high quality game players internationally for the world’s leading F2P Games Publishers. Simultaneously we create effective Advertising solutions to cater for a range of media owners (Affiliates, Portals and Media Buyers) to help them generate more Revenue from their traffic.

  • Transfers USA

    Transfers USA

    We offer safe and reliable airport transfers to all locations in almost every airport. is an online reservation system where you can easily arrange your own safe, economical, and reliable transportation to your hotel or destination. We have an affiliate program that pays up to 15% on each sale, our services are about $150 usd. We are looking for affiliates that run websites about travel.

  •  MillionaireMatch Affiliate Program

    MillionaireMatch Affiliate Program

    Welcome to an amazing opportunity to earn industry leading payouts by partnering with us!

  • hosting - affiliate program hosting - affiliate program

    We offer recurring commssion of 30%

  • Legal Movie Downloads

    Legal Movie Downloads

    Legally download unlimited movies to your PC,Mobile or Tablet.

  • 5 Keys to Total Happiness and Wellbeing

    5 Keys to Total Happiness and Wellbeing

    This rich and comprehensive online course will teach people how to increase their levels of happiness and wellbeing based on the latest scientific research. Students will discover what successful people around the world do to thrive in every aspect of their lives and will get practical advise on how to change their habits to improve their career, physical, financial, social and community wellbeing.

  • Getnamenecklace

    Getnamenecklace is a retailer of personalized jewelry and committed to providing a superior shopping experience.You will earn 15% commission for each sale referred from your website.

  • BizProfits


    BizProfits is promoting the most converting in-demand health supplements and anti-aging cosmetics products. We offer free trials of best-selling weight loss supplements and anti-aging creams, two of the most profitable online offer niches today.