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  • Pocketmags Affiliate Program

    Pocketmags Affiliate Program

    Join the affiliate programme today and start earning money from your online promotions.

  • RushBucks


    You will surely earn more $ with the RushBucks than any other affiliate program. Get more from your traffic!

  • Telecom Millionaire

    Telecom Millionaire

    I am Michael Gold, a telecom entrepreneur and successful multiple business owner. I have created an information product that will inform and teach clients how to jump into telecom. The industry consumes more than $7,000,000,000 worth of minutes annually yet the sector is relatively unknown. Telecom Millionaire will equip it clients with all of the skills they need to start trading minutes and making big money. The upfront product is $97.00, the monthly subscription is $47.99 and the final upsale $9999.99.

  • Six Figure Mentors

    Six Figure Mentors

    Digital marketing training coupled with high ticket commission earnings which are scaleable from $200-$8000 per sale depending on membership level. This is a serious business opportunity and applications are subject to an introductory conversation with one of SFM's senior business consultants.

  • Cunjabo Academy | Breakthrough Affiliate Software

    Cunjabo Academy | Breakthrough Affiliate Software

    The First Software For Affiliate Marketers In The World, That Truly Automates an Entire Online Business!

  • PPC Fish Affiliate Network

    PPC Fish Affiliate Network

    Join the top affiliate network with great payouts and payment terms. We have over 100 affiliate offers from around the world you can choose from to start making money. GO PPC FISH!

  • Panda CashBack Affiliate Program

    Panda CashBack Affiliate Program

    Panda CashBack Affiliate Program offers 20% Life Time Commission

  • Ropeit Golf Affiliate Program

    Ropeit Golf Affiliate Program

    Make It Easy To Play Golf Everywhere. That's our motto. Learning golf is difficult! It takes a lot of practice to even learn proper ball striking. Our mission is to provide golfers of every skill level the ability to learn proper swing mechanics anywhere, on their own schedule. With Ropeit, you can literally setup in seconds and start practicing golf immediately. The pain of driving to golf facilities is gone. Practicing golf is something that should be done every day, but it shouldn't be an overwhelming task that takes over your life. With Ropeit, anytime is a good time to take a few shots. The time commitment is minimal, and the results are powerful. If you make golf practice simple, convenient and affordable then you will be more consistent. Any teaching pro will tell you that consistent practice is the way to improve your golf game and lower your scores. Building on the concept of 'easy practice' we believe we could introduce the game to more people. By providing new golfers a means of practice away from the prying eyes of onlookers they would be able to learn the fundamentals of the game quickly. Golfers who grasp the game quickly often have a much higher retention rate and continues to play for a lifetime.. Ropeit pays 10% commissions based on sales procured. The rates of commission, as well as the required profit margins, will be given to each new sales employee at time of hire. The company reserves the right to change commission rates and/or profit margin requirements as needed to protect the financial integrity of the company. Ropeit will make every effort to pay commissions on a monthly basis and only on final sales. All sales must be finalized the day before the last day of the month to receive commissions for that month. Commissions will be considered final after 30 days! If you have a question, problem or disagreement with the amount of commission paid on a sale, be sure to submit in writing the details within 30 days of the date the sale was finalized.

  • Never Hungover Affiliate Program

    Never Hungover Affiliate Program

    Never Hungover is a new, heavily marketed, celebrity backed product with little competition that has taken over the country. It's time for you to benefit from it's success! We offer 15% on all sales that come from your custom assigned link and all click throughs will be tracked for 30 days so you're such to make your commissions even if it isn't on the first visit. We are very close with our affiliates and work on a day-to-day basis with each other to provide the best results for both sides.

  • Naomi Goodlet Affiliates

    Naomi Goodlet Affiliates

    I'm a wellness coach, bestselling author and course creator. My focus is mindfulness, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and anxiety recovery.